Sample Astrological Chart

The Principal Areas covered by my Analysis are:-

  • The Soul’s Purpose- including areas of life where it can be best expressed, this can include suitable career options

  • The Personality- how one can assist or hinder The Soul’s Purpose, this also includes an assessment of the influences exerted by the parents and of one’s talents and values

  • The Hero Within- how one may evoke the hero within towards assisting them when treading the Spiritual Path

  • Mind/Thought- how this can be used to assist one’s spiritual expression

  • Service to Humanity- viable areas of life where this can be offered and any potential obstacles towards its expression

  • Relationships- this includes both an assessment of the partner one may have in the outer world and of their relationship to the Higher Self, one’s inner partner

  • Karma-the factor of karma and its effect upon the subject are considered


The Year Ahead

A consideration of the transits and progressions in one's chart viewed within the context of the Soul's purpose

Crisis Analysis

Questions relating to one's current situation can be assessed in the light of both the natal and progressed charts and the transiting planets

Analysis of a Single Question

Prices available upon request

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